We at sleekalgo are dedicated to designing and developing innovative products that help our partners in redefining success, changing industry standards, and inspiring positive change on a global scale.

Give your companies the ability to manage purchases, empowers businesses to streamline their purchasing, planning, and monitoring processes with flexibility and speed.

Automatically embed live videos of your Facebook Account/Page/Group on your WordPress site whenever your Facebook Account/Page/Group goes live on Facebook.

Presenting Custom Orders, an innovative plugin that offers unrivaled adaptability for users when constructing manual orders. Even if a product isn’t currently listed in the website’s inventory, this clever solution allows users to easily include it in their orders.

Introducing our feature-rich WooCommerce plugin, designed to increase your online business’s popularity and usefulness. In addition to effective tax administration and default email automation, our plugin offers a variety of helpful features that are smoothly integrated into the platform, such customer-specific discounts and one-time offers.

Contact us to design a customized plugin for your company. Easily import and change products in Woocommerce from spreadsheets, including extensive variable products and price logic.

Discover a Woocommerce plugin that enhances items with additional functions and costs, decorated with a redesigned user interface that shows off each add-on’s images; get in touch with us for custom plugin development.

With our completely customisable WooCommerce Print mailing Labels in Bulk plugin, you can print labels from numerous orders on a single sheet of paper avoiding the hassle of having to print each mailing label individually.

Through our WooCommerce Google Sheets Integration, you can easily incorporate data from Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, WP Forms, and WooCommerce orders to ensure smooth changes to your Google Sheet in real time.